How To Eat A Healthy Diet and Stop Food Addicitons

We all know that eating healthy is the key to living longer, being healthy and having more energy. Somehow most of us ignore the benefits of eating a healthy diet and automatically navigate towards fast foods and other foods that are not healthy for us. The blame is not entirely ours because food addiction is real. In this article, we will cover how to eat a healthy diet and why most people have food addictions. It is our goal to leave you with the knowledge and the tools to make better dietary and lifestyle choices.

Why We Love Unhealthy Food

As a species, we owe most of our intelligence to the size and complexity of our brains. I remember studying that our ancestors were able to evolve a large complex brain because of the availability of high calorie and high glucose food. Humans use more of their respiration and caloric intake towards running their brain at a higher rate than any other animal on earth. 

There’s a reason why high sugar and high fat foods make us feel so good. They are quick sources of calories and they increase our

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dopamine levels. Dopamine makes us feel good so that we immediately create a connection between these foods an pleasure, thus leading to the development of food addictions.

If you look at it from an addiction stand point, then it becomes evident why we have such a hard time quitting these harmful foods. It’s simply because they give us so much pleasure and they release high levels of dopamine in our brains. We have quite a battle on our hands with giving up these foods. For many people cutting out sugary and fattening foods is as hard as quitting smoking or even some drugs, and we know how serious these addictions can be.

So how do we begin to eat healthier? It is my opinion that people go about things the wrong way.  They try to quit these foods cold turkey. I think it is far easier to simply cut back on eating these foods a couple times a week and in small quantities and taper off more slowly. This

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allows us not to obsess over these foods and to not feel like we are missing out on something. Slowly replace this with a healthy diet that is mostly based on plant based food and small amounts of animal protein and you have the perfect diet.

Buy Healthy Foods - It Is Worth The Cost

Eating healthy foods is the best and most obvious way to improve your overall health. Of course, many times it’s more easily said than done. For many people who have developed lifelong bad eating habits,  image

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knowing what is healthy and how to prepare it can be complicated. The good news is that eating healthy doesn’t mean turning vegan and it doesn’t even have to be complicated. 

There are few basic elements that all healthy foods have in common. Learning to identify and select foods based on their health factor can help you make healthier food choices for you and your family. There are three basic elements to all health foods.  They aren’t processed, they contain little to no chemical additives like colorants, oils and preservatives, and they are rich in vitamins and nutrients.  Many foods that are oily and full of saturated fats are also on the not-healthy list. 

When going shopping, be sure to select options that are closer to the natural product. If you are buying breakfast cereal for example, try to choose cereals with the least amount of colorants and sugar. Granola is a great example of a healthy, heart friendly cereal. Instead of buying American processed cheese, select a sliced cheese option  like white cheddar or Swiss, since these cheeses have less preservatives and colorants and will be much better for you in the end.  

One common argument I’ve heard is that healthy food is more expensive. That might be true. Fresh fruits and vegetables are more costly than the canned variety, and packaged hamburgers are cheaper than ground lean meat. But if you weigh the cost of a serious health problem, like a heart attack or stroke, against the slight increase in food cost, it really is worth the price. 

Switching to a health diet is important to you and your family. Teaching kids good eating habits can help them have healthier lives and suffer less long term health problems. Healthy food isn’t only for dieters or the weight obsessed, it is important for maintaining a strong physique and staying healthy for as long as possible. 

Buying healthy foods might be more costly than the processed junk food options, but it’s a small price to pay when compared to the cost of medical care for a serious and avoidable condition caused by poor eating habits. Teaching your children the importance of healthy eating can help them and their future by providing them with the tools to stay healthy and fit for life.